Behind the Flash and the Viewfinder

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence…” —Ansel Adam



It started with breaking my dad’s film camera at the age of 8. Since then the cameras have grown bigger, and so has the passion for photography Goosebumps. That’s what photographs do to me. The camera gives me the power to see the world my way, to paint a picture totally unrealistic and to tell a story as if it was a dream. It gives me a high like I am on opium. I am a student of photography and will be all my life. Every picture teaches me something new, every shot springs out a different story on different days. Being an engineer I like to ‘design’ photographs. The power of creation is gift from the heavens and this gift is what I share with my clients.

I set out to give a meaning to this passion for photography as a graduate student 5 years back. Since then the journey has given me the opportunity to capture moments and paint souls with them. Living in Calgary now allows me to create this cusp between the nature and people in various moods. Covering weddings has been the most rewarding and challenging at the same time. It helps me build relationships with people and I want to capture their journey of life through engagement to wedding to maternity, birthdays and the endless moments which as humans, we want to hold on to forever. Those moments which must be captured before they are gone irreversibly, impossible to reproduce.

I want to see the planet through my lenses and the planet is bland without people and their emotions captured juxtaposed with nature. You can be a part of my story and make this shot complete.